Schlosser Signs is the leading signage company in the Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska areas. We provide a full suite of services, including sign installation. Over 23 years, we've built our reputation as the top sign installation service around. We are staffed and equipped to install signage from one single building sign to stadium-sized LED video boards. We are M/WBE, DBE and SBE Certified, so our team can work on almost any job.

Initial Consultation

Schlosser Signs will meet with you to discuss your ideas and sign requirements. During this meeting, we gather all the necessary information to determine what steps are needed to proceed.

To make this meeting successful, we recommend you bring your ideas, designs, related documents (including electronic media), and your lease agreement, if applicable. Having all this information ready to present at the meeting will expedite the process. Questions? Contact us today.

Sign Permits Are Part of the Process

Before the physical installation of your signage, we are already hard at work for you. Most exterior sign installations require a sign permit issued by your local city or county building and planning department. Most cities and local areas restrict new sign installations, and the local city sign code dictates their restrictions and rules. Interior signs usually do not need permits. If you are rebranding or updating your existing sign face, you may not need a permit.

Permit Procurement Professionals

Getting a permit can be a complicated process which is best left to the experts at our signage company. Most cities and counties require that a licensed sign contractor have a specific sign permit. We will apply and acquire all the necessary permits on your behalf.

As part of the application process you may have to provide a site plan for your location, a rendering of your desired look, size, and placement of the sign. A valuation of the project will be required to determine the cost of the permit and applicable sales tax. Your city may charge a permit application fee or a permit application review fee in addition to city and county taxes.

When you choose our signage company, there's no need for you to worry about all these details; Schlosser Signs will take care of it for you. Our team handles everything from determining what permits are required to preparing the appropriate applications.

Code-Compliant Custom Signs

Schlosser Signs ensures that your sign installation is compliant with local code and ordinances.  For a safer sign installation, we may perform a site survey. Prior to installation, we take care of the details like arranging for any lane closures and securing landlord install approvals. This precludes any issues that could arise and delay the installation. When your sign is installed, you can be confident that all regulatory details have been addressed and resolved.

Sign Location Is Critical

A very important factor in the effectiveness of any sign is its location. You may have an ideal spot in mind that you believe will attract the most customers. However, keep in mind that the location of your sign and the corresponding sign code will also determine where your sign can be installed. We understand the local sign codes and can help you understand your options.

The code and ordinances will dictate whether your sign can be free-standing, a wall sign or something else. Also, we will consider your location and store frontage area to calculate the allowable square feet available for your sign.

Signage Allowance

We provide sign installation services for businesses that own or lease the space where the sign will be installed. If you own the building where the sign will be placed, there are no concerns other than city and county permits . However, if you lease your building, there may be restrictions on where the sign can be installed and how big it can be. These restrictions will be outlined in your lease agreement. We’ll review the lease agreement with you during our initial meeting to determine the signage allowance.

Taking Care of Every Detail

Schlosser Signs is a full-service signage company providing design, installation, repair, and maintenance for both indoor and outdoor commercial signs. Contact us today for all your signage needs!

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