Modern vs Traditional Sign Design

As technology has progressed, we now have access to signage design options that were not available just a few years back. Newer LED technologies have driven new lighting techniques, and new CAD and printing technologies have revolutionized the way materials are designed and assembled. This has led to an almost endless array of choices when it comes to signage design. Here are a few distinctions between Modern and Traditional Design:

Whether you have a specific idea for what you want your sign to look like, or you need some inspiration, Schlosser Signs has a talented team of designers that can give your business the recognition it deserves. If you already have a logo or another part of the signage design in mind, we can help there as well. We can easily incorporate existing design ideas into a functional and eye-catching sign.

Here are a few items to take into consideration when thinking about the design of your sign:

Modern Design:

  • Thinner, more san-serif fonts
  • A larger influence of sign shapes to create recognition. Many times these shapes are simple, but the overall aesthetic compliments the name or the business itself.  These shapes are often painted a complimentary or offset color and can be made from decorative cut metal, perforated metal, acrylic, etc.
  • Lighting techniques and accent lighting are a large part of newer sign lighting technologies that can really help get your sign noticed.  Aside from having your business name illuminated, accent lighting to another portion of the sign provides an upscale look that can set you business apart.
  • Simple color palettes.  A more modern design takes advantage of the unique elements discussed above and a simple color palette to highlight, and not distract from the other elements of the signage design.  Silver tones, blacks, and muted or de-saturated color tones are often used in more modern designs.
  • Digitally printed graphics.  Newer printing technologies are being used to produce eye-catching visual designs that were not available previously.  This has opened up the availability of having very detailed logos printed on illuminated, and non-illuminated types of media.
  • Sign bases that incorporate more modern stone styles.

Traditional Design:

  • Traditional, and more serif-type fonts
  • A larger influence on the business name with less importance placed on other elements of the sign.
  • Sign bases that incorporate more traditional stone styles.

Click here for art submission and file type guidelines.

Illuminated vs Non-Illuminated

Depending upon the usage of the sign, the difference between an illuminated and non-illuminated sign can greatly change the design and functionality of the sign. If your business benefits from evening and nighttime activities, make sure that your business is being seen with an illuminated sign. And even if your business is not open in the evening, the additional exposure of an illuminated sign can get you noticed and remembered by people who are passing by.

Cost vs Value

With signage design, more isn’t always necessarily better.  Sometimes a simple sign that is prominent may be exactly what you need, whereas a more over-the-top sign design may distract from your goal of getting your business recognized.  Understanding the difference between the costs associated with your sign, and the value it brings to your business is very important. This is where a professional sign company can help.  We can provide the right balance between the cost associated with your sign and the value it brings to your business.

Material Usage and Longevity

Understanding the investment cost, the material usage, and the longevity of your sign should never be overlooked.  A cheap sign now will be a cheap looking sign in the near future, whereas a well designed, well built sign will look great for years to come. Using a sign professional such as Schlosser Signs will help you understand the balance between material costs and the longevity of your sign so you can make the best investment choice possible for your unique circumstances.

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