Serving Some of the Nation's Largest Brands

In our 23 years of business, we've served clients of all shapes and sizes, including some of America's most recognizable brands. At Schlosser, we are able to adapt our operations to suit any company of any size, all while maintaining the same level of quality and attention to detail that made us who we are today. From storefront signage to monument signs to interior displays, the sheer scope of our capabilities makes us the perfect partner for making and installing signs. We've worked with national chains from numerous different markets and industries, and through exceptional service, we've proven that no matter who you are - restaurant chain, department store, health company, real estate firm or otherwise - Schlosser is your top choice top-of-the-line signage.

A National Partner for Multi-Channel Solutions

When you partner with Schlosser, you don't just get a sign - you get a complete array of services that spans multiple channels. From the moment our partnership begins, you'll have access to a full suite of services that allows you to boost curb appeal and reach the public like never before.

From drafting to installation, our Program Management system eliminates inefficiencies and maximizes simplicity in communication. As your single point of contact, you'll no longer need to deal with individual subcontractors, nor will you need to worry about coordinating the design or installation yourself. Pair that with our practical, team-based sign-making methodology, and the sign commissioning process is a breeze.

If your existing signage needs a refresh, our Digital Interactive capabilities will allow you to make a stronger impression than ever on the public, in many ways grabbing their attention and keeping it unlike a traditional sign can. Or if it's time to make the switch to LEDs, look no further than our professional Lighting capabilities.

Should your signs ever require maintenance, we've got you covered, 24/7. Our On-Demand maintenance crews can repair any sign nationwide on short notice, simply give us a call and we'll get to it.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Everything Signs

We do it all at Schlosser, beginning to end, consultation to installation. We're experts at managing every step of the sign-making process, and know how to make that process as easy as possible for our clients. When you partner with Schlosser, you partner with one of the nation's top full-service sign-making firms.

Having been in this business for 23 years, we have the art of signs down to a science, and our highly streamlined process makes us the perfect partners for national brands. Our vast experience with handling large brands, paired with our flexible production floor, enables us to scale our operations to fit almost any size. No matter how many individual signs your company demands, we're equipped to take on the task at Schlosser.

After you partner with us, we only get better with time. Our operations allow us to efficiently produce repeat signs in only a fraction of the previous time - perfect for brands who are rapidly expanding. With our schematics for your sign in hand, and our tools pre-calibrated specifically for your signs, we'll be able to make more signs in a shorter timeframe than any other sign maker.

Meet the Management Team

We funnel our operations through a professional program management team, each member of the team specializing in and excelling at their role. With our management team at work, we at Schlosser work like a well-oiled machine.

  • The Program Manager is the team lead, and your single point of contact for the whole sign-making process. The Program Manager's job is to make your visions reality, coordinating their team and communicating your requests to them.
  • The National Account Director is in charge of your company’s team. They are familiar with your brand and makes sure each person is providing your Program Manager with the information they need, as well as making sure we're meeting your needs and expectations.
  • Your Designer expertly crafts your design. With decades of industry experience, our designers are leaders in their field and have hundreds of stunning sign designs to their names.
  • The Production Manager oversees the creation of your sign and its components, meticulously checking it for quality and faithfulness to its design at each stage of its fabrication.
  • The Installation Manager is in charge of the final step of the sign-making process, the shipping and installation of your sign at its final location.

Expertise at Every Step

At Schlosser, every stage of creating your sign is thoroughly mapped-out and streamlined. Our unique 12-step process allows for greater organization within our teams, and provides you with a handy, easily-digestible way of knowing exactly where we're at in the process. Where other sign builders may be ambiguous or opaque during their process, we value transparency at Schlosser, and will gladly clue you in on every step of the process.


Serving National Brands Nationwide

No matter where you are in the country, you've got a partner in Schlosser. Our service network spans the entirety of the US, meaning we can manufacture and install your signs in nearly any city in the nation. Each of our regional partners are fully certified and insured, and are capable of servicing any sign - whether that servicing is installation, repair, or anything in between.

Brands Schlosser Has Worked With