Choosing the Best Custom Signage for Your Business

Custom signage is an essential marketing tool for any business. They are the first thing that potential customers will see when they drive or walk by your business, and convey a sense of what you and your business are all about. A great sign can serve as an excellent first introduction, and acts as a great way to build brand recognition and awareness. A sign grants your business legitimacy in the eyes of the public, and shapes how it feels about your business. Suffice to say, a great sign is a first step toward a bigger, better business.

But with so many different types of signs to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is best for your business. In this blog post, we will go over the different types of outdoor signs and give you tips as to why you may want to choose each individual custom signage type.

Wall Signs

Wall signs are a great custom signage option for businesses that want to make a lasting impression and build brand recognition. They can be mounted on the exterior of a building or attached to a monument sign. Wall signs can be made from a variety of materials, typically ones that fit the look, feel and theme of your business. They are a great way to increase visibility and brand awareness, and is a place where you can let your business’s personality and brand feel shine. This, as said earlier, will be many people’s first impression of your business, typically being located right outside or on your business, so it’s best to make it count.

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter signs are a popular option for businesses that want to create a professional and sophisticated look. They are made from individual letters that are illuminated from the inside, giving your sign a professional-looking glow that can be seen from a long distance away. Channel letters can be mounted on a building or monument sign and are a great option for businesses that are open at night, want to attract attention and/or customers during both the day and night, and for businesses that want an extra boost to their curb appeal and brand image.

Directional Signs (Wayfinding Signs)

Directional signs and wayfinding signs are used to guide customers to your location. They can be used to direct customers to the entrance of your store, to a specific department or building, or to a parking lot. Directional signs are a great way to make it easy for customers to find you, and are a great choice for businesses that are large in area, more difficult than usual to find, or have unorthodox layouts or parking locations.

Monument Signs

Monument signs are freestanding signs that are typically used at the entrance of a business or shopping center. They can be made from a variety of materials, including stone, metal, and wood. Monument signs create a strong sense of brand identity for shopping centers, malls, business plazas, and other types of properties that host various businesses on their campuses. They are an excellent opportunity to set up a distinctive look and feel for these centers and plazas.

For individual businesses, monument signs can also evoke a strong, distinctive look and feel, especially when tooled to match the interior and/or exterior designs of your business and its accompanying buildings. No matter the type of property using monument signs, they are some of the best options around for establishing presence, turning heads, and cementing the public’s image of your business/property into the long-term.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are tall, freestanding signs that are typically used in or around shopping centers or business parks. This custom signage type is typically made from metal or plastic and are illuminated from the inside. Pylon signs are typically much taller than your average sign, often with bigger lettering to match. This way, pylon signs catch eyes from a much farther distance, which acts as a great way to boost awareness and to guide customers to your campus from a greater distance than traditional directional signs. These signs often carry letter boards, EMC displays, highly-visible brand/store names in the case of shopping centers and malls, and more.

Electronic Signs (EMC Signs)

Electronic signs are a multi-purpose sign type that often goes hand-in-hand with other sign types, like the aforementioned monument or pylon signs. As far as custom signage solutions go, EMC signs provide many types of solution in one convenient package. From brand awareness, to sales and promotions, to public messaging, to custom advertising campaigns, EMC signs do it all. Higher-end electronic signs provide full-color and high-resolution displays for great image quality and eye-catching visuals, while more cost-effective EMC signs consist solely of single-color LEDs or, in the case of older signs, bulbs. No matter the type of electronic custom signage, however, they are a great multi-purpose tool for businesses of all types.

FCO Letter Signs (Flat Cut Out Letter Signs)

FCO letter signs are cutouts of logos, letters, or other graphics on acrylic, aluminum, bronze or steel. They prioritize looks and image fidelity, and come with no built-in illumination, though you can opt to illuminate them with external lights. FCO letter signs are often mounted to signs of other types, or on the sides of buildings. This custom signage type is also right at home indoors, as well as outdoors.

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