Maintenance Contracts

Many business owners or managers have enough on their minds without having to think about their signage or lighting. If this describes you than consider a maintenance contract. Maintenance contracts are a great proactive, no-hassle way to keep your signs and outdoor lighting looking good and working properly.

Why it’s important to keep your signage and lighting maintained:

We’d all love everything to work perfectly all the time but the truth is signs break down, burn out, or get damaged. We have two options for you to choose from, Night Patrol Maintenance Contract or Full Service Maintenance Contract

Night Patrol Maintenance Contract:

We charge a set fee each month to drive to your location(s) and take photos of the exterior to see if there is any outage. If there is we make a return trip and repair your signs at a discounted time and material rate, if not you only pay for the night patrol. You get the peace of mind of knowing your location is looking good without all the internal paperwork, waiting for approvals, and the possible embarrassment of hearing your signs are out from a customer.

You can choose to have your night patrol done as frequently or in-frequently as you would like. For some businesses once a month will be fine, for others, like fast-food franchise owners you may want every other week or even weekly. We send you your invoice(s) only once each month so you don’t have to worry about paying an invoice every time we visit your location. And our contracts are written on your terms. You choose the contract length, the number of night patrols per month, and if you would like to set a NET (not to exceed) amount for on-site work.

 Full Service Maintenance Contract:

If you always want your location looking good and a set monthly invoice then you might consider a full service maintenance contract. Just like our night patrol contract you choose the contract length and the number of night patrols per month, however with a full service maintenance contract we agree to a set monthly fee for the night patrol and all repairs. This means that regardless of what goes out or breaks your bill is consistent, and you don’t have to worry about receiving a large bill when cash flow is tight.