Custom Neon Signs

Custom Neon Signs in Greeley and Northern Colorado

Custom neon signs have been one of our longest-standing products. We’ve been specializing in custom neon signs in Greeley and all of Colorado, as well as Wyoming and Nebraska, since 1999.

We pride ourselves in the diversity of signage we’re able to offer our customers like you. Our skilled team is ready to take on any custom neon sign project. We’re a full service signage company. That means that we’re able to take your idea for your custom neon sign, and turn it into a reality. From the design concepts all the way to the installation of your custom neon sign, we’ll take care of all of the details for you.

Neon signs are a series of glass tubes that are bent and shaped into letters or designs and then filled with a variety of gasses to create different colors. To get the sign to light up, an electrical current is passed through the gasses, giving off that famous neon glow. You’ve probably seen neon signs at your favorite restaurants, many large advertisements in cities, and even along the world-famous Las Vegas Boulevard on casino facades and signage. They’re extremely versatile signs!

One unique form of advertising that has proven to be effective time and time again is the neon sign. They’ll do a great job attracting attention to your business, even when you aren’t open! After-hours advertising can prove to be some of the best advertising you’ll ever do!

If you’re looking for a company that can provide high-quality custom neon signs in Greeley, Fort Collins, or Loveland, or anywhere else in northern Colorado, give Schlosser Signs a call at (877) 586-1321 .